Can a ghost follow you home?

Hi I have a few questions to ask. If you can answer with best knowledge you can.

1. If I was on a ghost hunt in lets say an old house and I come across a spirit. Can it follow me home?
2. Has anyone that you know come across this?
3. Can A spirit be attach to a person? Not to a love one but someone that it doesn't know?

Thank You
Andrew V.

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for writing! Let's get busy:

1. If I was on a ghost hunt in lets say an old house and I come across a spirit. Can it follow me home?
I have heard of some ghosts following investigators home and I have had one myself. I wouldn't call it common but sometimes spirits are curious as to whom is chasing them around so diligently. As for my ghost, I would see a figure on my stairs while I work at my desk, just watching...watching.

2. Has anyone that you know come across this?
I have found that the more sensitive the investigator, the more likely I'll hear about activity after they return from a hunt. They may simply be more aware of their surroundings, however.

3. Can A spirit be attach to a person? Not to a love one but someone that it doesn't know?
I believe that a spirit is able to do quite a bit of what it sets its mind to. Be it following someone interesting home or staying put in a familiar place, it has the ability to attach itself to anything that it feels like. This may certainly change over the years as the living die or houses razed for newer construction but I've heard of families haunted for generations.

Thank you, Andrew, for your questions. Please let me know if there are others I may answer for you more in depth.


leann said...

Is it normal that I feel cold all the time even when it is so hot out side and plus when I turn around I see something that glows and it is always behind me. when I take pictures it is always in the picture too. What should I do?


huzzie said...

Well I have been seeing things in my dreams for years ,mostly bad things and 9 out of 10 times they come true . But for the past 10 years I have been feeling and seeing ghosts ,well i hope they are ghosts . At first I thought it was the house ,so I moved ,guess what didnt work .I have even felt them touch me . Dont know what they want ,or if someone is telling me that I have a gift and to use it ? Help me its getting scary.

ange said...

hi my name is ange im 14 years old and last saturday (10 september 2011)about 5am i felt a presence watching me after i struggled to wake up i was having a strange seziure like feeling in my sleep it was almost as if i was being possessed, the following night a similar thing happened to me my boyfriend tried to wake me but it was very difficult for him to do so, he told me i was shaking him violently and staring at him then rolling my eyes back in my head i woke up and told him i had a strange dream i was stabbing him in the throat. i then seen a boy aged 10-16 there was also a lot of paranormal activity in the area that this happened i.e doors opening curtains shaking the room moving for no reason,we also felt a presence wen playing a board game, it felt like the child aged between 10-16 i also visualised a balding man niether of which were familiar to me or my boyfriend, is it possible that these were in fact spirits? and if so what did or do they want? would they have tried to hurt me if i was not woken up? and can they follow or attach themselves to me or my boyfriend? if you can help me it will be very appreciated as i am losing sleep as that is when it begins.

Erech said...

This is going to sound insane. My family and I had to leave an apartment not about 10 yrs ago because of paranormal problems that were getting violent. Prior to us leaving we found out the prior tenant had died there before we moved in. I don't know if there is any relevance to that, I just thought it seemed weird looking back. This home now that I live in I bought 10 yrs ago. In the last few years unexplained things are beginning to occur. My wife and I, we were watching paranormal activity 2 about 5 months ago and we heard a loud noise in the laundry room. The following morning I got some work close out of the dryer and I noticed the water softener top was in the entry way by the door. My wife says she hears someone talking in the kitchen at night on rare occasions late at night. A morning before leaving for work about a month or so ago I was putting on my work boots and I heard what I thought was my wife saying "hey"!!! on the steps leading to all the bedrooms. I replied ,"what?!", thinking it was my wife. She asked me from the bedroom what do you mean what. She never said anything, and did not hear the voice I thought was her. Last night I was going to take a shower and while I was about to get in the shower I heard a door open and close and I could hear my German Sheppard barking. I never did figure out what door it was. I guess what my concern is am I dealing what could be the same ghost that I dealt with the last time when we moved and now in the last few years is now just beginning to get active? Or is this just my shitty luck that this house to could be haunted as well? The last place started out kind of funny and progressed in to some scary stuff until finally it left what looked like claw marks on my daughters ear and face when she was a baby while she was sleeping. That is why we left. That was the last straw.

Bee said...

I went to a haunted old R.A.F hospital and ever since I came back I have had the worst luck ever. Could a ghost have followed me home and is causing all this bad luck? Thanks

Mark Loughton said...

Look i want you to know, i am a realist, a skeptic, anyway.
Five years ago i used to take my dog for a walk around the local Graveyard. I went there three times a week, i had no fear of the supernatural, i find Graveyards romantic. Anyway i was followed home by something. I felt a constant heavy weight upon my back, the temprature would drop
Lightbulbs would explode. I would turn the Television off and come back in and find it switched on. All of this i put down to the electrics and the rubbish damp proofing. And then came a thick black fog of depression, negative thoughts, suicidal thoughts, i have no history of mental illness, i always used to consider people suffering from depression as weak. And then i had no energy, couldnt move of the couch, i couldnt eat, i lost a load of weight.
And then i heard a voice whispering to me at night. Anyway. I took a photograph in the house ad to my dismay there was a scowling short old man with a beard. The photo showed a man with absolute hate in his eyes. Anyway i deleted the picture and i spoke to my wife about it and we moved. As soon as i moved it felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders
my life got back to normal.
As for my old house there was a woman who moved into my old house, she ended up spiraling into depression and was removed from the house by the council and placed into a mental health clinic.
If you asked me if i believed in ghosts a few years ago i would of laughed at the suggestion. 5 years on i am still scarred by what happened there. My eyes were opened to the supernatural and not in a pleasant way.


stacey said...

Great questions and stories, y'all!

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Thank you!